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Education With An Apron

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With over 7,000 copies sold, this book is a must have for your developing authors! 

This book is the embodiment of the work done in my classroom during our writing time. I taught my students to begin drawing a setting with a line... a magic line. This line divides the paper into a ground/floor and a background (like a wall or a sky). Then, we learned how to draw lots of details to make sure that the readers of our books would know exactly where they were in the drawing. Alpert is the first resemblance of a person that so many children draw and is is often referred to as a "potato person." Lots of children tend to draw Alpert on a blank sheet of paper... which Alpert thinks is snow. A snowstorm that whites everything out so that he is left to fly through as he pleases! "Trouble" arrives for Alpert on day in the form of a line. A single line drawn on a page to disrupt his "snowstorm." In this book, children will love watching Alpert grow increasingly frustrated by the addition of drawings added to the page that ultimately create a setting on the page that Alpert eventually comes to love. Children will love "talking back" to Alpert as he asks questions that will evoke a hilarious response from children! At the heart of this book is helping children new to writing and illustrating to draw a great setting on a blank sheet of paper.


*This is a PAPERBACK book.